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I’m Chrissie Tarbitt, founder of Integrated Wellbeing.

Some time ago, I carried out a poll of friends and family and asked them what the word wellbeing meant to them. You won’t be surprised to hear that no two answers were the same!  “A night in with a loved one”; “the feeling you have when you’ve been to the gym or a great yoga class”; “when you know you’re in the right job”; “having enough money to meet financial needs”; “enjoying a great friendship circle”; “when you know you’re eating what’s good for you”. These are all great (right?), but how many of us feel all of those things all of the time?

Having spent more than 20 years working in an international corporate environment, rising to European Director level in a large multi-national, I have witnessed first-hand what happens when we become misaligned with our goals and lose our sense of purpose.

So many people I encounter on a daily basis describe feeling burnt out, stressed and anxious as they try to juggle the increasing number of responsibilities that come with our fast-paced, modern-day living.

When we experience such unrelenting levels of stress, we become depleted of energy, can lack focus and often end up with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about our future goals in life.

My philosophy behind Integrated Wellbeing coaching is to work with you as an individual, to develop a personalised plan that you can integrate into your daily life in order to bring about the positive changes you wish to make. As a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist, I combine a passion for mentoring and coaching with a strongly-held belief that we all have the ability to take control of our future.

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Although I’m not one to go chasing accolades, I was thrilled to be crowned “Rising Star / Woman To Watch” in the national Women Inspiring Women Awards 2015 for female entrepreneurs at their annual awards ceremony in Birmingham in June of this year.  I was delighted that the judges recognised the importance of spreading the wellbeing message to a wider audience.

As a former fitness coach and now a yoga and mindfulness teacher, I understand the huge importance of incorporating some form of exercise into our daily activities. The final piece to the IW approach is all about what we eat. You won’t find me extolling the virtues of any particular diet plan, but I will guide and advise you on how to maintain a balanced and nutritious way of eating.

We all have the ability to take control of our future

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Personal Trainer MagazineI was recently invited to be a contributing writer for Personal Trainer Magazine, where you’ll find my current series of articles on mindfulness for athletes and personal trainers, amongst a range of content for those who embrace physical exercise at all levels.

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I can’t wait to join you on your journey to wellbeing!

With love and wellbeing wishes,